GoMovies - Watch movies and series online HD

GoMovies is a free streaming platform which is worldwide known for its variety of movies and series that are available online in very good quality. This website used to be more popular in the past than it is now but we are working hard everyday and our target is to make GoMovies to be the most visited streaming platform in the world. We are always publishing the latest movies and series and the number of visitors is growing slowly but surely and we are happy to see that we gain more fans each day.

What is GoMovies

GoMovies is offering free movies and tv series online and it's probably the best streaming platform where you can watch all your favorite productions from Hollywood and not only. We are publishing movies and shows of all times and genres and the website does not have any country restrictions so you can visit us from anywhere in this world because GoMovies is always changing it's domain addresses so it will never be blocked by any governments.

How it started

GoMovies started around 6 years ago like a small streaming website. We also used to be visitors of the streaming sites before and we always preffered to watch our favorite movies online for free instead of going to cinema or paying an expensive subscription every month for Netflix or other premium platforms. The beginning was hard because we had to learn many things about how a website works but we managed to create this wonderful site and published a huge quantity of movies and episodes that you can watch today for free. It took us years of hard work but now we can finally enjoy the results when we see how many visitors are coming everyday on GoMomvies.

Massive database of movies and series

GoMovies's collection currently includes more than 15.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes and it's one of the biggest databases of movies and series ever seen on a free streaming site. All of them are available for free in HD quality without sign-up. We always wanted to offer a variety of productions and we created this collection to make sure everyone in this world can find something good to watch on our free streaming platform. Now we are trusted worldwide by millions of users for our massive database which is full of high quality movies and tv shows.

High quality content

We will never neglect the quality of the movies and series that we publish on GoMovies. On this website, the quality of the videos is our number one priority and it will continue to be until the end. We find it to be very disrespectful when we see streaming sites that are offering low quality files and we will never do that. We invested a large sum of money in advanced servers that let us to stream HD movies and series online on video players that are fully loading within a few seconds and you don't have to wait at all.

No registration required

GoMovies started as a completely free website. Even if we are offering such a great quality streaming service, we are never going to ask you for any money in return and also we are not asking you to create an account in order to watch movies and series on this platform. As long as we don't request any money, there is no need to register because it would be just a waste of time. The registration process is still open for those who want to join our community of registered users and get access to some more features but this is not mandatory for watching movies.

Daily latest movies and episodes

A big part of our visitors are coming back everyday on GoMovies to watch the latest episodes from their favorite tv shows. We have a special section on this website where the newest productions are sorted by the release day so you can easily figure out which episode you should watch. We are working 24/7 to publish the latest movies and episodes and we developed a system that makes us to be able to add the newest episodes within a few minutes after they are officially released so stay tuned to GoMovies if you want to be the first one who watch the hot new content.